Weizhanba flowmeter

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Weizhanba flowmeter

In flow measurement, due to the complexity of the measurement medium, there are many kinds of measurement methods, so there are various flow sensors or throttles based on different measurement principles. According to the measurement methods and structures, they can be divided into: differential pressure type, float type, volumetric type, turbine type, electromagnetic type, vortex type, ultrasonic type, thermal type and Coriolis type. According to the installation modes, they can be divided into insertion type, closed pipeline type and open channel type. Weizhanba flow sensor manufactured with advanced technology is a flow sensor designed according to differential pressure working principle and insertion installation method. Its bullet-shaped cross section which fully conforms to the aerodynamic principle, high strength seamless integral structure, low-pressure hole design with its own anti-blocking ability and other technologies are in the leading position in the world.

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