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Orifice flowmeters

ZWRY-BK series throttling device produced by our company is the primary sensor of differential pressure flowmeter. By matching use with differential pressure transmitter and display instrument (or computer), the measurement of fluid flow can be realized, and the purpose of accumulation, display and control can be achieved. Because of its advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, reliable use, wide application range (The measuring pipe diameter of standard throttling device can be in the range of 50mm~1,200mm, and the applicable pipe diameter of special throttling device can be as small as 20mm and as large as 3,000mm. The measuring temperature can be as high as 550℃, the withstanding pressure can be as high as 32MPa, and there are many kinds of measuring media), and with the standard flow device that requires no separate calibration, it is one of the main instruments for flow measurement in the process of industrial automation control. 

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Balanced flowmeter

ZWRY-LG series balanced flowmeter produced by our company adopts the most advanced symmetrical multi- orifices structure design in the world, is one of the most advanced differential pressure flowmeters at present. 

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Nozzle flowmeter

1. ISA1932 nozzle (also known as standard nozzle): Standard nozzle is composed of two circular curved surfaces, the contraction part of the inlet and the cylindrical throat connected with it. It has simple structure and convenient installation. Throttle parts can resist erosion at high temperature and high pressure and have long service life. Suitable for measuring high-pressure steam, high-pressure water, natural gas, the highest pressure can reach 42 MPa, the highest temperature can reach 1000 C, the range ratio of nozzle is 1:3-1:5, good repeatability, no real-flow calibration, only checking the shape and geometry size, accuracy can reach (+1%); suitable for the occasion of trade settlement. The pressure of standard nozzle is taken by angular connection. According to the connection mode, it can be divided into direct welding form and flange connection form. In order to facilitate field installation and improve measurement accuracy, it can provide straight pipe section along with goods. It can also make integral connection of the pressure taking part into an integrated form.

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Wedge Flow meter

ZWZDH wedge throttling device is a new type of throttling device developed by our company. Its special structure, non clogging, solid structure and long service life can be used to measure liquid, gas and steam, especially for flow measurement of low flow rate, high viscosity, dust or solid particles and other fluids, such as crude oil, fuel oil, residue, coal tar, wastewater, carbon black solution and other fluids.

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Venturi meter

This structural feature of the venturi makes it free from sharp edge abrasion and fouling problems similar to orifice plate throttling parts in the use process, and can effectively adjust (rectify) the flow velocity distribution gradient of the fluid in the tube before throttling and various possible non axisymmetric velocity distributions, so as to achieve high-precision and high stability flow measurement, which is widely used in various fields of national economy such as metallurgy, power, coal, chemical industry, etc.

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