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Purpose of Service

1. Establish a customer-centered work style and take customer satisfaction as the yardstick to measure all work achievements.

2. Establish a sound service system to provide users with professional, standardized and product-oriented services.

3. Provide continuous, efficient and fast service to customers, and build service brand trusted by users.

4. Development goal: "Produce first-class products, build a century-old brand".

5. Business philosophy: "honest society-oriented, customer satisfaction first".

6. Business strategy: Sincere cooperation and service will last forever.


Service Commitment

We provide customers with perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, detailed and thoughtful technical advice, product explanation and demonstration, system introduction.

You and I work together to create a better tomorrow!

Perfect service

Serve people, serve products, and look forward to the company's firm belief in the continuous innovation of our sincere service and product technology. On the premise of ensuring product quality, we should conscientiously do a good job in pre-sale and after-sale service of our products and technical consultation with users, and strengthen communication with our customers. To this end, our company makes the following commitments:

Pre-sale service

Service users, product introduction, technical exchanges, quality assurance, integrity-based.

After-sale service

1. The company regularly organizes staff visits to inquire about the response to suggestions on how to improve product quality in order to further improve product quality.

2. For complex products, the company arranges specialists to provide training and guidance on the use, maintenance and troubleshooting of products.

3. Our company implements "three guarantees" service within the warranty period.

4. For customer feedback questions, respond immediately and give a reply within 24 hours. If after-sales service personnel are needed, they will rush to the scene within 48 hours to solve the problem.


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