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orifice flowmeters

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I. Overview

ZWRY-BK series throttling device produced by our company is the primary sensor of differential pressure flowmeter. By matching use with differential pressure transmitter and display instrument (or computer), the measurement of fluid flow can be realized, and the purpose of accumulation, display and control can be achieved. Because of its advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, reliable use, wide application range (The measuring pipe diameter of standard throttling device can be in the range of 50mm~1,200mm, and the applicable pipe diameter of special throttling device can be as small as 20mm and as large as 3,000mm. The measuring temperature can be as high as 550℃, the withstanding pressure can be as high as 32MPa, and there are many kinds of measuring media), and with the standard flow device that requires no separate calibration, it is one of the main instruments for flow measurement in the process of industrial automation control. 

Our company produces not only flow devices with conventional structure, but also large measurement range throttle devices with large flow variation, as well as orifice plate throttle devices with changeable orifices.



II. Working Principle

When the fluid filled with the pipe flows through the throttle part in the pipe, the flow velocity will form a local contraction at the throttle part, thus increasing the flow velocity and decreasing the static pressure, resulting in a pressure difference before and after the throttle part. The larger the fluid flow rate is, the greater the pressure difference will be, so the flow rate can be measured based on the pressure difference. This measurement method is based on the flow continuity equation (conservation of mass) and Bernoulli equation (conservation of energy). The magnitude of pressure difference is not only related to flow rate but also to many other factors, for example when the throttling device type or the physical properties (density and viscosity) of fluid in the pipeline are different, the pressure difference produced under the same flow rate is also different.


III. Application

ZWRY-BK series orifice flowmeters are widely used in many fields such steam boilers, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, power, water conservancy, paper-making medicine, food, chemical fiber, etc.


IV. Technical Characteristics

Standard orifice plate has the following characteristics:

1. The applicable fluids range are large, from high temperature and high pressure fluids to low temperature and negative pressure fluids, a large application range.

2. It has a simple and firm structure as well as a long service life.

3. It has stable performance, reliable operation, and can be matched with pressure transmitters of various functions, can meet different needs of users.

4. Easy installation, operation and maintenance.

5. It requires no real flow calibration, and this is especially important for gas flow rate and large diameter fluid flow rate.

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