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v-cone flow sensor

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I. Overview

V-cone flow sensor is a new differential pressure flowmeter, which can accurately measure flows of all kinds of conditions in a wide range of Reynolds number. Like other differential pressure flowmeters, it is based on Bernoulli equation of conservative energy of fluid flowing continuously in closed pipes. For ideal fluids, the velocity of medium is proportional to the square of differential pressure.

The unique physical structure of V-cone flow sensor with conical throttle not only enlarges the measurement range of medium flow, but also has the special structure of fluid rectification. Therefore, its requirement of straight pipe section is low, which is completely different from other differential pressure flowmeters that requires a long straight pipe section fluid spreading. V-cone flow sensor has the advantages of good stability and versatility of traditional differential pressure flowmeter, but without the limitations of traditional differential pressure flowmeter.


II. Measuring Principle

The basic principle of V-cone flow sensor is the V-cone and the corresponding pressure tap installed in the central axis of the measuring pipe. The measuring pipe and V-cone are carefully designed and precisely machined. When the fluid flows through the V-shaped cone in the measuring pipe, f interacts with the flowing fluid and forms the flow pattern in front of the cone, and the local contraction accelerates the flow rate and reduces the static pressure. The differential pressure △P is generated in front of and behind the V-cone, of which the high pressure (positive pressure) is the static pressure PH measured at the pressure tap of the pipe wall at upstream before fluid contraction, and the low pressure (negative pressure) is the pressure PL measured at the pressure tap at the center axis of the V-shaped cone of inner cone facing downstream end.


Flow Formula:


In which:

β -- Equivalent Effective Diameter Ratio

D -- Pipeline Inner Diameter

d -- Maximum Outer Diameter of V-cone

P -- Density under Fluid Running Conditions

K -- Constant

e -- Gas Expansion Coefficient

q -- Volume Flow


III. Application and Measurement Medium

3.1 Gases

Coal gas: coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, converter gas, mixed gas, etc.

Natural gas: including natural gas with moisture content of more than 5%.

Various hydrocarbon gases: alkanes, olefins and other gases

Manufacturing of various gases: hydrogen, helium, argon, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.

Corrosive gases: wet chloride gases, etc.

Air: including water-bearing, dusty air, compressed air, etc.

Flue gas: flue gases discharged from various boilers and heating furnaces, etc.

3.2. Steam

Superheated steam Saturated steam

3.3. Liquids

Oils: crude oil, fuel oil, water-containing emulsified oil, diesel oil, etc.

Water: raw water, drinking water, production water, waste water, etc.

Various aqueous solutions: acid solution, alkali solution, saline solution, etc.

Organic chemicals: methanol, Ethylene Glycol, Xylene, etc.

3.4. Special Fluid

Oil+HC Gas+Sand

Gasified water H20+N2+ air; H20+CO2, etc.

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