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metal tube rotor flowmeter

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I. Overview

ZWRY-LZ series metal tube rotor flowmeter is a variable area flowmeter based on fluid position measurement. It adopts all-metal structure and modular conceptual design. Because of its features such as small volume, small pressure loss, large range ratio (10:1), easy installation and maintenance, it is widely used in flow measurement and remote control of small flow, low flow rate and various harsh medium conditions in complex and harsh environments of various industries.

ZWRY-LZ series metal tube rotor flowmeters, according to different needs of users, different situations, there are a variety of measurement forms are available for users’ selection: according to the output form, it can be divided into local indication type, remote transmission type and control alarm type; according to the requirements of explosion-proof, it can be divided into three types: common type, intrinsically safe type and isolation explosion-proof type.

ZWRY-LZ series metal tube rotor flowmeter adopts the international advanced Honeywell 1 contactless magnetic sensor to detect the angle change of magnetic field, and is equipped with Motorola micro-processing system, can realize the functions of liquid crystal indication, accumulation, remote transmission (4~20mA), pulse output, upper and lower limit alarm output, etc. This type of intelligent signal transmitter has high accuracy and reliability, can completely replace the imported instruments of the same type, and has the characteristics of high cost performance, multi-parameter calibration, power-off protection and so on.

The design and manufacture of ZWRY-LZ series metal tube rotor flowmeter also takes into account the user's process flow requirements. There are various installation options available for the uses: ZWRY-LZ50 vertical installation, ZWRY-LZ51 up-down installation, ZWRY-LZ52 side-in-side-out installation, ZWRY-LZ53 bottom-in-side-out installation, ZWRY-LZ54 thread connection, ZNRY-LZ55R/L horizontal installation, etc.



II. Structure and Principle

ZMRY-LZ series metal tube rotor flowmeter consists of two parts:

◆Sensor-measuring tube and fluid;

Signal Transmitter-Indicator;



There are four kinds of contact materials for this sensor: stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium and PTFE with stainless steel lining. Users can choose different contact materials according to different process pressures and corrosive requirements of media to meet the requirements of process pressure resistance and medium corrosion protection. According to different measurement requirements, users can choose different combinations of indicators to achieve different measurement requirements. The specific forms of indicators and their corresponding functions are shown in “The Table of Indicators’ Types Spectrum”.

Flow measurement is accomplished by the transmitter in the indicator through coupling the magnetic steel to sense the change of fluid position to complete the flow indication and signal remote transmission. When the measured medium flows through the measuring tube from bottom to top, when the fluid is balanced by gravity, buoyancy and the vertical upward thrust of fluid velocity, the fluid is relatively stationary at a certain position, which varies with the annular area of the fluid and the cone tube and the fluid velocity, and the position of the fluid corresponds to the flow rate of the measured medium.



III. Product Measurement Medium

Liquids: hot water, cold water, light oil (diesel oil, kerosene), chemical liquids (methanol, ethanol, toluene, liquid ammonia) and other liquids.

Gas: air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, chlorine, natural gas, hydrogen sulfide, acetylene and other gases. Steam


IV. Technical Characteristics

Modular combined design, easy maintenance, normal use and maintenance-free.

Uniaxial and non-contact new magnetic coupling structure makes the signal transmission more stable.

Dual-line, large screen LCD display for displaying of instantaneous, cumulative flow, with backlight.

Intelligent type has power-down protection, data backup and recovery functions.

All-metal structure, anti- vibration, anti-pressure, anti-temperature, anti-corrosion.

Short stroke, total height of 250mm, makes the design and installation more convenient.

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