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ultrasonic flowmeter

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I. Introduction

ZWZDH-100H series ultrasonic flowmeter is an instrument for measuring liquid flow in circular pipe based on the principle of velocity difference method. The instrument adopts digital analysis and error correction technology, which makes it more suitable for the harsh environment of industrial field, and it supports accurate and reliable measurement.

ZWZDH-100H series ultrasonic flowmeter consists of converter, sensor and connecting cable. ZWZDH-100H converter (wall-mounted) and ZWZDH-101H converter (disc-mounted) can be matched and connected with three kinds of sensors: pipe-segment, insertion and clamping, while ZWZDH-102H converter (integrated) can only be matched and connected with pipe-segment sensors, thus to form a variety of fixed ultrasonic flowmeters.

ZWZDH series ultrasonic sensors have the following features:

Pipe-segment type sensor (GD-1 type): when the sensor is installed, the pipe is cut open and connected with the pipe flange. It can be maintained without shutdown and supports highly-accurate measurement.

Insertion type sensor (CR-1 type): It can be installed without shutdown. You just need to use our company's special drilling tools to drill the pipe wall (①22mm), and then insert the sensor in the pipe wall at a depth of 5mm. It is especially suitable for the measurement environment where there is serious scaling on the inner wall of the pipe and there is gas in the fluid.

Clamping type sensor (WJ-1 type): this sensor may be installed on the outside of the pipe for flow measurement and it supports easy installation.

Three major technical features of ZWZDH-100H series ultrasonic flowmeter:

Ceramic sensor, metal alloy binder. High strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and scaling resistance. It is especially suitable for the measurement of high temperature and corrosive liquids, such as hot water and oil. Unlike other organic binders, metal binder has stronger bonding property. Its working temperature can reach 160℃. It is especially suitable for acoustic sensors, which greatly improves the engineering practicability of the sensors.

Very low power consumption, digital design. The whole machine is designed with micro-power hardware and software. Through digital transmission, digital reception and digital analysis of the ultrasonic signal, the overall digital design is achieved, and the power consumption of the whole machine is less than 0.5W.

Excellent measurement and management functions. In software design, in addition to using advanced analysis and calculation technology to ensure accurate measurement, advanced management functions are also designed. The flowmeter can queried for the operation condition of last ten years at any time, including average flow, cumulative flow, power-on and power-off, etc.


II. Technical Parameters and Functions



Pipe-segment type

insertion type

clamping type

Pipe diameter range




flow velocity range





Level 0.5

Level 1.0

Level 1.0

cable length




measuring liquid

Water, river water, sea water, petroleum, chemical liquids and other homogeneous liquids.

pipeline material

Metals (such as carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.), non-metals (such as PVC, FRP, PMMA, dense materials, etc.).

pipe lining material

FRP, mortar, rubber, PTFE, etc.

signal output

1.4-20mA: Impedance0-0.5KΩ Accuracy0.1%
2. Accumulated flow pulse output: passive, transistor emitter (E) and collector (C) open circuited photoelectric isolation output, each pulse equivalent to 1 m3 liquid.
3. Serial Port Data Output:RS-485,RS-232

ambient temperature

Converter:-10℃~+45℃(To use it in special environment, please note it);Sensors: Normal Temperature Type:-30℃~+60℃;High Temperature Type:-30℃~180℃

Environmental humidity

Converter:Relative humidity should not be greater than85%(+25℃),Sensors:soak

working power supply

AC:220V±10% 50Hz,DC:9-24V,Power consumption:less than0.5W

outline dimensions


converter weight


measurement function

Display instantaneous flow, instantaneous flow velocity, positive cumulative flow, negative cumulative flow, net cumulative flow, cumulative running time, instantaneous heat supply, cumulative heat, supply and return water temperature, timed print, real-time print. Printer is an optional accessory. If you want to order one, please make it clear when ordering.

protection level

ZWZDH-100H Converter:IP65,ZWZDH-101H Converter:IP52,ZWZDH-102H Converter:IP67,Sensors:IP68


III. Converter Installation and Connection

3.1 Installation and Connection Requirements

If the converter is installed outdoors, the instrument box should be installed to avoid rain and sunshine.

It is forbidden to install it in the situation of strong vibration and in the environment with a lot of corrosive gases.

Do not share an AC power supply with the equipment that may pollute power source such as frequency converter and welding machine. If necessary, install a purifying power supply for the converter.

3.2 Outline Drawing of Converter



3.3 Connecting Terminal of Converter



Connecting the Sensor

Connect the white, blue and black wires of the upstream sensor with the white, blue and black terminals respectively. Connect the white, blue and black wires of the downstream sensor with the white, blue and black terminals respectively.

The upstream and downstream sensors are determined when the sensors are installed. The upstream sensor is installed on the upstream side and the downstream sensor is installed on the downstream side. When connecting according to this definition, the converter displays positive flow, otherwise, the converter displays negative flow.

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